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Belletristik, Romane & Erzählungen

Rebecca Alvarez

All I need is you,was Vera Valdemar’s slogan, a twenty-eight-year-old Medical Technology graduate, work in Palo Alto hospital Laboratory. She was maiden like, conservative but elegant and charming on her own way. She was not the best-looking female to ever grace the planet compared to her two closest female friends. Nora Delgado, a twenty- seven -year -old graduate Nurse work in SFGH. A Filipino-Spanish origin, well-bred from a wealthy and devoted parent. Chic, smart, alluring and provocative. She grew up in a privilege life that most of the children in the Philippines did not have. Laura Sims, a twenty-six- year- old, Filipino-Chinese origin, a graduate Nurse, she also works in SFGH. She too was born from a wealthy parent, a Chinese magnate where money came from. She was eloquent, multi-lingual, sharp with a beauty of an angel in a fairy tale, looked like a sophisticated doll in a window display. Men of their Dreams: Paul Richardson, a thirty-five-year-old Lawyer, tall, brown and devastatingly handsome, a sport enthusiast male specie a figure of Michael Angelo’s David. He founded and head of his own Law Firm. He smelled power, money and stardom. Markus Gomez, a thirty-two- year- old Paediatrician Doctor and a Surgeon. An irresistible, tall, dark daringly attractive male medical member of SFGH. He smelled money, fame and glory. Bill Seifert, a young, ambitious computer wizard, ten years younger than Vera. She married him out of wrong reasons. They weren’t madly in love, but she hoped they would come to that. Leo Valdemar, Vera Seifert’s brother a wanted cop investigator who was involved in an embezzlement and corruption, the scandal of extraordinary rendition. He was forty when he illegally entered United States hiding from the Interpol and from the Philippine Justice. See what happened at the end….

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Format: 160x210

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ISBN: 978-3-99129-228-9

Verlag: myMorawa

Erscheinungsdatum: 08.09.2021

Sprache: Deutsch

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