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„The Prophets of the Old Testament were not only people who predicted the future; they were also the world’s first whistle-blowers.”

This statement is taken from the blurb of a new book about Bible-prophecies, with relevance to our world today. “Meet the Prophets” is not your average Bible-study guide;  besides being a Bible-based book of prophecy, it discusses social and political issues that even existed in ancient times and from there, looks straight towards the “end-times”.

The author of this book takes you through the lives and the visions of the sixteen Major and Minor Prophets of the Old Testament. The book is written in plain English – partly as a novel (true to Scripture), partly summarizing the plot – and completely covers all the respective chapters of the Bible.  An accompanying commentary gives insight into the historical background and the Prophets’ visions, amongst other topics.

Although the book is written from a Christian perspective, practically anyone with an open mind toward the Christian faith could read it; it is a book of peace and does not judge other belief-systems. Instead, it reminds Christians of their values and gives readers of other faiths insight into these.

By analysing predictions that have already come to pass and precisely describing prophecies that have not been fulfilled yet, the reader himself may develop a sense of being able to predict future world-events.

Meet the Prophets – A Journey through the Lives and the Visions of the Old Testament Prophets is published by MyMorawa

Samantha Hewavitharana

ISBN: 978-3-99057-210-8

Published: 04.08.2016

Paperback: 19,80 €

About the Author:

Dr. Samantha Hewavitharana is a doctor of medicine and was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. Her parents are originally from Sri Lanka. In 2008, after having re-read the Bible for several years, she converted to Christianity (coming from a Buddhist family background) and has ever since been intensively deepening her knowledge of the Old and New Testament. Her main interest is culture – music, arts, belief systems, food, and languages. She has also studied the sacred Scriptures of other faiths (i.e. the Quran and the Hadith, the Dhammapada) to have a better understanding of humanity and connect people of different faiths.